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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome to Information Management era!

Information Management (IM) is slowly becoming a common term similar to any other management disciplne. The peculiarity of IM is that it enables man to manage his most important in-tangible resource - Information. If we look back through the ages, IM is linked to human existence and being on this earth starting from the stone age to the current age of micro-computers and spaceships. In one way or other man has been constanly facing challenges in storing, processing and analyzing data into useful information. Early man had his senses through which he sensed data and processed them to useful information that he transcribed on stones and other artifacts, since it is basic human intelligence to process data into information and later to knowledge.

When life became supported by more sophisticated technology, the amount of data that need to be processed also increased immensly and it is here the importance of IM comes into picture. We have come to a state where anything and everything that we do has something to do with managing information effectively. The purpose of this blog is to start and maitain a one stop reference place for all IM related topics.

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